A look inside: The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary

It's already been over a month since we (myself and Dana Lardner of Howintheworld.org) released The International Fashionista Lookbook Diary!  It was amazing finally getting to see all of our work come together and It's been really exciting hearing all the wonderful feedback.

My previous post was all about the process of creating the illustrations and characters for the book. This time I'm showing the final print! 





Pictured above is the front cover of The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary. We went with a softcover, paperback design because it was really important to us that the book be lightweight and something a girl could toss in her backpack and carry around.








The lookbook introduces 10 fashionistas from all over the world featured on individual coloring pages.

France Tidbits

For each of the ten countries there's an interactive tidbit page with some fun facts a jet-setting fashionista should learn before visiting.


Katia and book cover

The cover girls are among the coloring pages inside


first collection image

This lookbook diary stays true to its title and is full of design prompts to get our fashionsta dreaming.




There are loads of spaces for the girl to draw in her own design and ideas.



International Fashionistas Back Cover

Pictured above: back cover.

The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary write up from Howintheworld.org:

"The International Fashionista’s Lookbook Diary allows girls to explore what being a world citizen and fashion lover mean to them!

Recommended for girls age 8 – 12, this coloring book and diary not only introduces her to fashionistas from 10 different countries but also inspires her to sketch her personal style along with developing pieces she would introduce in her debut collection.

Measuring 7.5 x 9.25, this book contains 83 pages of fun and is the perfect size to keep close at hand in a backpack or bag. She will be so absorbed in her fashion design plans that she won’t want it out of her sight in case inspiration strikes."


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Sonia Rykiel Tribute

I'm sad to hear the news about Sonia Rykiel. I've always looked forward to seeing her collection each season. When I think of the Parisian designer the first things that come to mind are bold colors,  gorgeous knitwear and her iconic stripe. Her brilliant label has spanned over 5 decades. (And did you know one of her debut designs was even worn by Audrey Hepburn?!)


Sketch of a Sonia Rykiel look for H&M - Done in watercolor and Ink

Sketch of a Sonia Rykiel look for H&M - Done in watercolor and Ink

Sonia's collection for H&M was so fun! I loved the styling in this ad. The model's hair is reminiscent of the designer's own.



Rough sketch of a Sonia Rykiel FW16.17 Ad Campaign Featuring Grace Hartzel and Matilda Dods

Rough sketch of a Sonia Rykiel FW16.17 Ad Campaign Featuring Grace Hartzel and Matilda Dods

I absolutely love all of the images in this campaign. The Eiffel tower makes a gorgeous backdrop and the effect of the camera angle is fantastic. I can't wait to tear it out of the September issue of Vogue, (which I'm hoping it will turn up in).


If you're in a Sonia kind of mood you can view all her past collections on Vogue.com

Link: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2016-ready-to-wear/sonia-rykiel#all-seasons