Blogger Series: Monika

This past month I've been working on a mini series of blogger sketches. I'm excited to be able to introduce each of these ladies to you through my Illustrations.

First up:

Meet Monika of!

+VioletRoots is your new go to blog for Creativity prompts, Music recommendations, Style tips and more! ~

Monika of Violet Roots Blog - Fashion Illustration

Here’s the low-down from Monika herself!

1- What City/State are you based out of?

Monika- I live in a suburb in the NYC area. 

2- How would you describe your blog?

Monika- My blog, Violet Roots (, is a lifestyle blog with a focus on music, style and creativity.

3-Where do you find inspiration?

Monika: I find inspiration from all over. Sometimes it's in a song, an experience or in a particular color and in other times it's just a feeling. I'm an abstract artist and sometimes the paintings I make also lend themselves to ideas for the blog.

4-How would you describe your personal style?

Monika: My personal style is definitely focused on comfort, details, and experimentation. I love wearing vivid colors and interesting pieces like green cowboy boots or blue and green fur vests and jackets. It's fun to try new looks but I usually always try my best to be comfortable too. It's rare that you'll find me in heels. I'm usually wearing combat boots.  


Make sure you check her out!

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If you know me in person you already know about my obsession with Instagram. As a fashion Illustrator, many of my favorite accounts to follow are Fashion Bloggers. I love having a feed full of inspiration. Naturally, when I see a great outfit or photo I have to sketch it!

Today I want to introduce you to three awesome fashion accounts!

[Ordered only by date of sketch and all equally cool!]

1. @hiliarykennedy - Bright, classy outfits --and she's always got a joke or two in her posts!


- - -

2. @Fab_teen_style - Cute and casual East Coast ootd inspiration!

- - -

3. @Silberin_manelieht - German lifestyle blogger who's detailed photographs cover fashion, architecture, alternative health, parenting, knitting and everything in between!


I totally recommend checking them out!!



I recently had an opportunity to interview a handful new and upcoming fashion bloggers. I'll be sharing their stories in a future post! ~ coming soon!