Having or Attending a Wedding soon? Here's what's trending for dresses!

Spring is a beautiful time to have a wedding (and a great season to attend one!). Spring 2020 is looking especially promising with it’s gorgeous selection of elegant new Bridal gowns from the top Bridal Designers.

With so many unique options, choosing the perfect dress can become quite the challenge. To help you out in your selection, I’m going to give you a run down of a handful of Spring 20 ‘s top Bridal Gown trends, straight from the New York runways of Bridal Fashion Week. Even if you’re not currently searching for that once-in-a-lifetime dress, you can still take away many of these key trend points that will carry over into wedding guest dresses and even Ready-to-Wear fashion for next Spring!

Ready? Here we go!


Soft Belted A-Line - Oscar De La Renta S2020

Oscar De La Renta sketch  -DeannaKei.jpg

This first dress is a delicate romantic look from Oscar De La Renta. The bodice of the dress has a deep V neck with scalloped edges. It has a sashed waist for flattering definition and then it opens up into an A-Line skirt. My favorite part about the design of this dress is the balance between the embellished florals, sequins and beading, and the clean, un-decorated hem. Although the top of the dress is heavily garnished, it blends together well with the simplified bottom for an overall effect that is both light and airy. [Fun note: Brides.com cited this dress as being 280 hours of work!]


Tiered Combo - Zuhair Murad S2020

zuhair murad - deanna kei.jpg

Elegant lace with a scalloped edge frames the deep V neckline of this Zuhair Murad gown. There’s a sashed waist which acts as a meeting point for the dress’ two moods. Sheer, ruffled tiers of tulle overlay an opulent lace column skirt.


Volume sleeves and Cape - Anne Barge S2020

anne barge - deannakei.jpg

This Anne Barge dress is the perfect statement gown. It’s off-the-shoulder volume sleeves blend into a floor-length cape. It’s embellished with a floral lace motif and scalloping along the hemline. This dramatic look is somewhat reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s Valentino gown from the 2019 Golden Globes.


Structured Softness - Lela Rose S2020

lelarose -deannakei.jpg

With its high-neck lace overlay, and sheer lace sleeves, this Lela Rose dress is already quite unique from the others in this trend report. It’s embellished corsetted bodice extends over the hips for a controlled waistline and then relaxes into soft mini-pleats. That’s not even the best part—can you believe this dress actually has pockets?! I haven’t met a bride yet who didn’t wish her gown had pockets.


Draped Minimalism - Oscar De La Renta S2020

Oscar de la renta 2 deannakei.jpg

I included two Oscar De La Renta gowns in this report because they were both so different yet each beautifully designed. This second dress has a clean, classic, draped silhouette with a high slit and a long train. Again, the waist is defined but the cross over top and asymmetrical skirt give it a ‘mock wrap dress’ look. Although this gown lacks the typical bridal lace or beading, its precise drapery adds the perfect amount of interest for the Bride who wants effortless elegance.


Victorian Romance - Vera Wang S2020

vera wang - deannakei.jpg

This Vera Wang gown was my favorite to sketch. In fact, I loved Vera’s entire 2020 collection and suggest that you check it out on Vogue. This particular gown has a cream white top with an opaque dusty warm-grey tulle skirt. Vera Wang often strays from the traditional white bridal gown and this ethereal piece is no exception. The tulle skirt is draped and collected at the hip. A pink silk rose adorns it. The right strap if this dress is decorated with soft, grey layers of chiffon. The thin straps drop into a plunging V neck.


Spring 2020 Bridal Trend Summary

In case you gotten too caught up in all of the beautiful dresses, here’s a summary of the main Spring Bridal Trends covered in this report.

  • Deep, plunging V necks

  • A delicate balance of opposites:

    • Volume & Defined

    • Heavily decorated & Clean

  • Soft floral lace and beading

  • Sheer layers

  • Waist definition

    • Sashed, bowed, or belted

    • Cinched, seaming and corsetting

Do you have a favorite trend? Is there one you’d never wear? Which of these dresses would you try on? —and how much do you love dresses with pockets?!

I’d love to hear! Tell me in the comments or send me an email!

Also, check out my new custom Bridal Packages - perfect for the bride-to-be that wants a unique, personalized wedding experience.

Spring 2019 - Total Illustration Refresh - Whats New on DeannaKei.com

Hi everyone! If you’re following along here you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t added a blog post in quite a long time. I’ve been keeping up on Instagram in the meantime, but now I’m finally bringing this site up to speed.

Since my last blog post so much has changed with both my brand (and my personal life: new home, new kitten..etc).

I spent the past year as an Athleisure Designer on the team for an exciting activewear brand, Designed for a second up and coming activewear line, Illustrated for a book, Discovered I love live event sketching, Delved deeper into digital illustration, Explored different sketch subjects including landscapes and animals, Created a bunch of new Bridal Products, and more!

spring trends iinstagram.jpg

I finally caught a moment to sit down and rework DeannaKei.com and I’m excited for you to see all of the new additions!

What’s New


I’ve combined the previous ‘Design’ and ‘Styling’ tabs into one page showcasing my past portfolio work. The idea here was to make it more cohesive and easily accessible.


Walk in the park - deannakei.jpg


My Illustrations section got a fresh upgrade with loads of new sketches, updated client pieces (so you can check out some of my custom work), and brand new images of The International Fashionista’s LookBook Diary.

The International Fashionista’s LookBook Diary - Dana Lardner & Deanna Kei

The International Fashionista’s LookBook Diary - Dana Lardner & Deanna Kei

Beyond Beauty: A Journey To Success - By Gabriela Dias

Beyond Beauty: A Journey To Success - By Gabriela Dias


The new ‘Services’ section provides information about all the different ways we can work together! Some of the services I offer clients are Custom Fashion Illustration, Live Event Illustration, Fashion Apparel Design, Apparel Techpacks, Styling, and Personal Shopping. If you have a project you’d like to collaborate on fill out the form on the bottom of the Services page to inquire or just send me an email! I’m excited to hear from you!

Women’s Jacket Techpack, Stitching Details - DeannaKei

Women’s Jacket Techpack, Stitching Details - DeannaKei

Women’s May 2018 Lord & Taylor - DeannaKei

Women’s May 2018 Lord & Taylor - DeannaKei

Live Sketch

I’ve added a whole page dedicated to the behind the scenes fun of a live sketching event. If you’re planning an amazing event you might want to consider having live sketches done! Its a fun interactive way to keep guests entertained and it also leaves them with something memorable to bring home. I’ll be adding a blog post with more details soon but in the mean time check out the page.

My army of markers; Live sketching at a BeInspiredPR event Photo Credit:  Juicebox Media

My army of markers; Live sketching at a BeInspiredPR event Photo Credit: Juicebox Media


I’ve got a bunch of exciting things planned for the blog! Stay tuned for a spring bridal trend post and more ~


Now you can check out my Illustrations in a 2008 Burlington TV commercial (does anyone remember those? They ran a few different ones), as well as some of my most recently published work in magazines and books in the new media sliders under my bio.

Fashion Tote - 5th Avenue Girls - Shop Totes at DeannaKei.com

Fashion Tote - 5th Avenue Girls - Shop Totes at DeannaKei.com



There are a ton of new bride and bridesmaid items in the shop as well as custom save the dates. Are you planning or part of a wedding? Lets talk custom!

Also Check out my new spring line of totes and weekenders! I’ll be adding more soon too!

Anything else you’d love to see? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email!

Take care,


Spring 2018 Trend Report and Style Shopping Guide

Have you started your Spring Wardrobe shopping yet?

You've probably noticed the racks are full of fresh colors and airy fabrics. In fact, they've been for the past month. No doubt there's a lot to choose from but don't worry-- I'm here to help you narrow it down!

I've put together this in depth Illustrated SS18 trend report to simplify things for the trend-savy Spring shopper. These key trends are designer-insider knowledge and pulled right from my own Spring development trend board. All of these colors were referenced directly from the industry standard Pantone library's SS18 Color Report  

Let's get started!

The Track Stripe:

Feeling nostalgic? The track stripe is making a reappearance. While you'll find it adorned on many the pant leg, this versatile stripe has upped its application to necklines, trimming and virtually anywhere it can fit! It's unlimited color and texture options give it the ability to span from 'work out wear' to 'work wear'. Pair it with a carefully selected top to either dress it up or dress it down!

Woven shirts are still strong for spring. Ruffles continue to be a key detail. Cropped bells are a fresh alternative to the skinny jean.

Spring Trend Track Stripe

The Pantone Colors used above are: Coconut Milk, Cherry Tomato, Little Boy Blue and Sailor Blue


The Every Day Athleisure

Athleisure isn't going anywhere any time soon. (Who would argue with comfort being in stlye?!) Oversized sweatshirts are elevated with ruffles and fun arm details. Applique pearls dust sleeves and necklines. Activewear leggings continue to play a key role in streetwear. 

Mini backpacks make a comeback and replace the reigning purse.


Woven Shirtings

Woven shirtings really hit hard last summer and are continuing into this spring. The classic shirting stripe takes on new weights and textures as sleeves become more voluminous. Try mixing knits and woven for new layered combinations. *Clean layering is key. Uneven hemlines hit tops and bottoms alike.  

The straight leg replaces the skinny. Raw edges continue to show.

Spring Trend Wovens

The Pantone colors used above are: Harbor Mist, Blooming Dahlia and Warm Sand


Ribbing and Wraps

Ribbing evolves from cuff and hemline details and takes the shape of all over ribbed fabrics. Minimal silhouettes pair with strong textures and statement jewelry.

Wrap and Mock-Wrap tops, bottoms and dresses create the illusion of layering without the bulk. *Mock wraps are a great alternative for those who find the excess fabric of a true wrap to be an unflattering fit.

Spring Trends maxi skirt

The Pantone colors used above are: Meadowlark, Chili Oil and Emperador




Spring Trend Report Girls

Do any of these Spring Trends speak to you? Any colors that you can't wait to try? Tell me in the comments!

Out with the old and in with the new

          One of my favorite ways to celebrate the changing year is by starting a fresh calendar. I like to switch it up each time. For 2017, I had a New England Fall Foliage Photography calendar hanging. It was beautiful but this year I was looking to take another direction. I want 2018 to be different.

My cover girl is armed with coffee and ready to take on the new year!

My cover girl is armed with coffee and ready to take on the new year!


          Some time last winter I began tossing around the idea of creating a Fashion Illustrated calendar. I enjoy sketching mini collections and series and although art is fun to hang alone, I'm all about functionality. Putting together the pieces in a monthly calendar gives them purpose.

May is on her way to a music festival.

May is on her way to a music festival.

          As this year went on I continued to sketch pieces for the calendar here and there, and in between other projects. Some of pages were designed specifically with a month or a season in mind. Others fell into place by coincidence afterwards. I actually had a few different options I was playing with for July but in the end, I chose the piece that fit in best with the style of the other months.

July's channeling beach vibes in a flowy summer dress.

July's channeling beach vibes in a flowy summer dress.

          My favorite sketch in this calendar is probably October's. I'm partial to the colorful leaves and the layering. This one started as a pencil sketch. I scanned it and digitally went over with my bamboo tablet in Photoshop. October's sketch actually wasn't made with the calendar in mind but it fit right in.

Pumpkin spice latte in hand!

Pumpkin spice latte in hand!

       There are a few different drawing methods sprinkled through out the months. January, July, April, September and November were digital drawings done completely on a tablet using the Autodesk Sketchbook program. This is a new style of sketch I just started experimenting with this year. It's a bit quicker and cleaner than the traditional way. I intend to explore it more in 2018.    

The September group is ready for Fashion week

The September group is ready for Fashion week

         Through the entire process I was constantly showing the calendar to friends and getting feedback. I came to the conclusion that not everyone hangs a wall calendar. Some people stick to an office desk calendar. Others keep a planner instead. I wanted to make my calendar relevant for those friends as well so I reworked it into a few additional formats. 

Deanna Kei Easel Calendar

The stand alone Easel Calendar features each month on an individual card. The cards sit together in a wooden base.


          I also added a printable planner download and formatted it to fit most standard planners. There's a download for 8 x 10 printing too for those who aren't planner savvy. 

Deanna kei 2018 Planner

All of the formats are available in my Etsy 's calendars tab

I want to know what your 2018 calendar looks like? Share in the comments below!


There are a million things I love about September~ One of those being the runway shows! New York Fashion Week kicks off the season every year and is followed by London, Milan and then Paris. 

I miss the days when NYFW was held in the tents in Bryant Park but many of the shows are still held around the area. Working in midtown NY, I always get to experience the excited buzz that seems to sweep over the city each runway season.

The streets are always brimming with high fashion but its especially easy to spot the trend savy stepping their style game up a notch just for fashion week.

I did a quick sketch series on my 4 favorite Fashion Week types.

The Fashion Blogger:

Fashion Blogger Sketch - by Deanna Kei

Phone charged and ready to go! This girl's dressed head to toe in designer pieces and is always at the right place at the right time. Here she's styled in a chic black and white combo, adorned in one of the seasons prevalent trends: ruffles.


Next up, The Fashion Editor:

Fashion Week Editor and Journalist

Front row seats come with a price. (In this case, the price is a strong 'style know how')

She's repping that bold sleeve detail in flared, raw edged, tiered denim belted with a sash.



The Fashion Photographer

NYFW Fashion Photographer

Even the photographers are dressed to a T; a casual chic aesthetic with a ton of pockets and the flex needed to get that perfect angle.


Last but totally not least, The Fashion Assistant

fashion assistant

Chaos! but the show couldn't go on without her! Dressed in an on-trend button front jean and a basic tee; No heels here--she's been on her feet all day. (Though she'd typically be dressed in all black as per the usual FW backstage dress code)



Whats your dream fashion week role? Which Fashion week blogs do you follow? Comment below!


My new obsession: Society6 : Custom EVERYTHING!

I've been having a little too much fun with Society6 lately and I'll tell you why you should be too!

For those who are unfamiliar with the site, Society6.com is the more artistic and free-spirited version of Snapfish. Society 6 is an online shopping platform where you can essentially order art printed onto useful every day items, like phone cases, notebook and even shower curtains!

There are a handful of other sites along the same string but so far the variety, quality, pricing and customer service puts Society6 in my number one spot.

Another amazing thing about Society 6? --They're almost ALWAYS running a sale! --and if you're an artist, you even get a discount when you order your own designs!

My first order from them was this glossy, soft cover notebook. 

Its a fun way to keep my ideas organized. I chose a lined book but they have lined unlined options and special pricing if you order sets.


My most favorite item so far has got to be their pillows! Pictured above is their 16 x 16 Indoor Cover with Pillow Insert. You can opt for just the cover to save money but for a few more dollars they offer the pillow insert too. I was amazed by the quality!! To be honest, I was expecting a decorative pillow that would look nice but not really get used but I was blown away.


The cover has a sturdy canvasy feeling though it looks sleek. It expect it to last a long time. It zips off in case you need to clean or replace the pillow. The actual pillow is thick and quite comfortable. I actually bought this one for my Mom for Mother'sday to match her living room set. She liked it so much she just ordered two more. [Pictured is the indoor pillow but they also have an outdoor option.]


Coffee Girl Stationary

Coffee Girl Stationary

Even their card sets have flawless printing. Their stationary comes in sets of 3, 5 or 10 and comes with the corresponding amount of white envelopes. The paper is a heavy card stock but it's a much higher quality than anything you'd get at Staples.

I just recently ordered a cosmetics pouch for myself. I actually use it to carry my art supplies when I travel to jobs. It never hurts to advertise yourself a little. I chose the bitter rose print again because the black matched best with my portfolio case. I was once again really surprised by the quality. I had gotten pouches printed from a different site in the past and those don't even come close to these.

This pouch even has pockets inside!! Although its not pictured on the site, mine arrived with a cool faux-leather puller tab through the zipper puller.

Here are a few products I haven't tried yet but are on my wish list:

Busy Blogger Phone Case

Busy Blogger Phone Case

So far their quality seems to be consistent. Their customer service team is readily accessible and always responds to my concerns in a timely matter. Even if you're not an artist yourself, the site has so many wonderful pieces you can search and shop. They're always adding new products too!


*If you'd like to get $10 off your next purchase (of anything on Society6), leave your email (and say so) in the comments below and I'll send you the promo link.

Sketching Digitally: Semi- Custom Prints

I'm really big on mixing mediums. Much of my work is entirely digital but often I'll sketch and apply color by hand first and then polish it off on my laptop.

One of my most favorite parts about digital painting is the convenience  of editing. Years ago I can remember actually trying to white-out mistakes on sketches. Thankfully that is long in the past. Currently, I use the basic Bamboo pen/tablet with Photoshop (and sometimes Illustrator). The pen I use is an older Bamboo model and although it lacks all of the features that the newer ones possess, it does everything I need it to.

Aside from making revisions, working digitally also allows me to create variations on whim.

I recently created a print for a friend who loves wine. When it was finished I realized I had at least a dozen other friends who could relate.

This piece had been sketched entirely digitally so with a few quick tweaks I was able to make it more relevant to a wider range of girls.

Utilizing layers in Photoshop, I removed the eye glasses and created a few hair and skin color options. I came up with a total of 5 variations (though just 3 are shown above). 

This print package is available for download in my etsy. You'll receive all 5 variations so you can print your favorite!

Wait! Before you toss that bouquet--!

This project is actually from a  few months ago but as Valentine's day has just passed and many of you may soon find yourself with falling petals, I felt it was timely to share.

I was recently a bridesmaid for a close friend's Wedding and the Bride gave us the most beautiful bouquets. It was a fall wedding and the flowers were vivid autumn colors. I kept mine for as long as I could but when the petals started shedding it was time to give it one final run.



To compliment the deep orange/yellow hued petals, I tipped the edges in red ink.


I had seen petals worked into fashion illustrations before but never tried it myself. It was actually very relaxing. The petals provided a loose medium that could be re-positioned and adjusted on whim. I was able to rework them into an endless amount of shapes on the same base sketch. 



It was somewhat like draping in that I could design on the form with a 3 dimentional value and not have to reach for an eraser.

I also scrunched some, dipped them and used them as a press to add texture. 

1 - IMG_3194.jpg

I worked other components from the bouquet into the image as well, such as the leaves and twigs. For this final look I tore some of the petals and scattered them, adding black ink and really allowing it to smear and splatter across the page (and my entire kitchen table).

flower gown

The petals may have ended up in the garbage but they were preserved in the photos I took off the process. Next time you have a bouquet on the way out, give this a try! It's loads more fun (and messier) than you'd expect. 

Homemade Christmas Cards

MErry Christmas Eve Everyone!


Before I set out for the night, I wanted to share a little seasonal DIY I worked very hard on this year: Home-made Christmas cards!



christmas cards

I love paper and stationary.  I really like working with all the different patterns and colors. Paper isn’t so different from fabric in that respect. Mixing graphics on a card is similar to combining prints for a collection. I like to justify all the time this took by counting it as pattern training but while working I was having too much fun to really focus on what I was learning.


christmas cards
christmas cards

The prints are actually from two different holiday scrapbooking pads from Michael’s Craft Store. One I had gotten on clearance last year and the other I picked up this black Friday. They were under ten dollars each.

christmas cards

I had originally planned to only make about ten cards but I kept remembering more and more people on my list.

christmas cards

It was loads of fun but it was no easy feat finishing in time for Christmas after such a late start.

christmas cards
christmas cards

I like experimenting with different things because its helps me clear my mind and focus solely on what’s in front of me. In that respect, card making provides a different sense of relaxation for me because it’s not something I do professionally.

christmas cards
christmas cards

I thought about not only which colors went well together, but what mood each of the cards would have and how each would make the recipient feel.  Afterwards, selecting who would receive each one was even more of a challenge than making them.  More went into the final selections than you’d imagine!

christmas cards

I made 28 Christmas cards this year for friends and family.

christmas cards

My card army was sent out just a few days ago. Hopefully each has found its way to its destination in time!

*Limited Holiday Printable DL available in my Etsy this week only

*Limited Holiday Printable DL available in my Etsy this week only

I am always open to custom paper/stationary work! Drop me a line if you’ve got something in mind!



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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is my most favorite time of the year. It can also be one of the most stressful times as you scramble to complete your shopping. To make things easier I've put together an Illustrated holiday gift guide to help you check off that fashionable-someone on your list. The best part is that all of these items are from makers and small businesses so each has a personal touch.






1.)Fashion Totes

Fashion Tote


  • Fall Fashion Girl Illustrated Tote by IndigoBeri


This Illustrated Fashion tote is printed on sturdy PolyPoplin and measures 13"x 13"

Get it here

2.)Kid's Tees

little girl
  • Lead Vocalist Kids Shirt by Hip Kid Apparel

A sassy band tee for the lead vocalist in your life. Available in kids sizes. Part of the Family Garage Band Collection.

Get it here


3.) Prints and Mugs

blogger girl
  • Watercolor Feathers Mug by 622 Press

A beautiful ceramic mug with a calming watercolor feather design. The perfect mug to house your morning coffee.

Get it here



  • You Got This - Motivational Fashion Print by IndigoBeri

A downloadable motivational print for that busy bff who could use a reminder that she's awesome (hanging on her wall).

Get it here


  • Pug Art Poster Hipster Pug - Fine Art Print By Aberleigh

Know some one who liked Pugs before they were cool? They'd probably love to have this print as home décor.

Get it here


  • Rocket Ship Digital Download by AshleeBinderinDesign

This Fun rocket Ship printable adds a little whimsy to any room.

Get it here



4.) Fashion

fashion girl
  • Be Your Own Beautiful Top by The Confetti Collective

These self-love tees are all about loving yourself as you are. They come in both women's and girl's sizes.

Get it here



  • Sea Glass Wire Wrapped Earrings with Gold Wire and Gold Hooks by CraftyLittleGnome

Beautiful lime green handmade earrings. Nickel-free

Get it here


5.)Phone Cases

selfie girls
  • Miwako Inspired Pink Sugar i Phone Case by IndigoBeri

This colorful smart phone case will protect your phone while keeping it super cute. Available for the Iphone 4 and Newer models.

Get it here



6.) Books and Accessories

travel girl
  • Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Transformation Brooch by Chibee Studio

This handmade resin replica pendant is perfect for fans of the 90's cartoon super hero, Sailor Moon. It's available as a brooch or key chain.

Get it here


The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary by Dana Lardner and Deanna Kei

The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary is perfect for the young fashion savvy jet setter on your list. It's a style driven coloring book and design journal packed with creative prompts to get an aspiring fashionista designing her own runway collection. The book introduces ten fashion girls from around the world on coloring pages and includes tidbits about each country. Fashionista's can have fun and be creative while closing the global gap.

Get it here


Editing for this post was done by: Victoria - Contact: VictoriaKnC@outlook.com


Happy Shopping! Have a favorite holiday gift? Share in the comments!

A look inside: The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary

It's already been over a month since we (myself and Dana Lardner of Howintheworld.org) released The International Fashionista Lookbook Diary!  It was amazing finally getting to see all of our work come together and It's been really exciting hearing all the wonderful feedback.

My previous post was all about the process of creating the illustrations and characters for the book. This time I'm showing the final print! 





Pictured above is the front cover of The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary. We went with a softcover, paperback design because it was really important to us that the book be lightweight and something a girl could toss in her backpack and carry around.








The lookbook introduces 10 fashionistas from all over the world featured on individual coloring pages.

France Tidbits

For each of the ten countries there's an interactive tidbit page with some fun facts a jet-setting fashionista should learn before visiting.


Katia and book cover

The cover girls are among the coloring pages inside


first collection image

This lookbook diary stays true to its title and is full of design prompts to get our fashionsta dreaming.




There are loads of spaces for the girl to draw in her own design and ideas.



International Fashionistas Back Cover

Pictured above: back cover.

The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary write up from Howintheworld.org:

"The International Fashionista’s Lookbook Diary allows girls to explore what being a world citizen and fashion lover mean to them!

Recommended for girls age 8 – 12, this coloring book and diary not only introduces her to fashionistas from 10 different countries but also inspires her to sketch her personal style along with developing pieces she would introduce in her debut collection.

Measuring 7.5 x 9.25, this book contains 83 pages of fun and is the perfect size to keep close at hand in a backpack or bag. She will be so absorbed in her fashion design plans that she won’t want it out of her sight in case inspiration strikes."


Shop the book:

buy on How In The World




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Introducing: The International Fashionista's Lookbook Diary

        It’s out!  I no longer have to keep it a  secret! For the past month and a half I’ve been working on a very exciting joint project. In collaboration with Dana Larder of HowInTheWolrd.org, we’ve created The International Fashionista’s Lookbook Diary. We released it earlier this week on October 11th, The International Day of The Girl.


        The book features 10 international fashionistas in coloring pages as well as tidbits about their respective countries and drawing prompts to get fashionistas creating their own designs. It’s recommended for girls ages 8-13.



        I was really happy to be a part of this project. I had always wanted to work on some sort of fashion coloring book so of course when Dana proposed the idea I was ecstatic.


Chinese Fashion Girl

        One of the most difficult things for me was deciding on the outfits for each of the girls. We wanted the book to have a current, trendy vibe, so unlike many other fashion books that introduce characters dressed in the traditional garb of their cultures, I looked to international fashion bloggers for inspiration. That’s where the difficulty came in.  In this age of instagram, girls all over the world are sharing their styles. There are subtle differences of course, but the same black leather jacket you might find on the streets in Japan could also be worn in Turkey.


        With this realization in mind, we wanted this book to express the idea that we’re not so different and to teach young girls that no matter where they’re from, we are all human.


        I had a lot of fun drafting the outfits for the girls and then drawing their final looks one by one. Aside from touching on all the trends and silhouettes, I also took merchandising into consideration, making sure to include pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, hats—and so on.


shoe page.jpg

        I did each of the backgrounds as a separate layer and then combined the pages on Photoshop. The backgrounds took an equal amount of research. I wanted to capture recognizable scenes but keep them basic enough to not take the focus away  from the girl.


        Creating all of the sketches was a blast! Dana came up with a bunch of great diy and diary pages to keep the readers involved and inspired. She also included information about each of the countries to compliment each section.  I'm looking forward to getting some feedback! I hope girls enjoy it as much as we did while making it!


You can grab a copy of the book at:





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Sonia Rykiel Tribute

I'm sad to hear the news about Sonia Rykiel. I've always looked forward to seeing her collection each season. When I think of the Parisian designer the first things that come to mind are bold colors,  gorgeous knitwear and her iconic stripe. Her brilliant label has spanned over 5 decades. (And did you know one of her debut designs was even worn by Audrey Hepburn?!)


Sketch of a Sonia Rykiel look for H&M - Done in watercolor and Ink

Sketch of a Sonia Rykiel look for H&M - Done in watercolor and Ink

Sonia's collection for H&M was so fun! I loved the styling in this ad. The model's hair is reminiscent of the designer's own.



Rough sketch of a Sonia Rykiel FW16.17 Ad Campaign Featuring Grace Hartzel and Matilda Dods

Rough sketch of a Sonia Rykiel FW16.17 Ad Campaign Featuring Grace Hartzel and Matilda Dods

I absolutely love all of the images in this campaign. The Eiffel tower makes a gorgeous backdrop and the effect of the camera angle is fantastic. I can't wait to tear it out of the September issue of Vogue, (which I'm hoping it will turn up in).


If you're in a Sonia kind of mood you can view all her past collections on Vogue.com

Link: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2016-ready-to-wear/sonia-rykiel#all-seasons

Blogger Series: Iyesogie Ogieriakhi & Natalia Lilly

In this next addition to my Blogger Series I'm going to be introducing  Sogie of ItsDivaDiaries.com and Natalia Lily of Natalialilly.com


       Meet Ieyesogie or 'Sogie',

  • a Nigerian style blogger who's posts not only boast chic style, but also have gorgeous backdrops.




1- What City/State are you based out of?

Sogie- Well, I'm from Edo State, Nigeria.

2- How would you describe your blog?

Sogie- My blog, The Diva Diaries (http://www.itsdivadiaries.com/), showcases my personal style and life growth.

3-Where do you find inspiration?

Sogie: I get inspiration from almost everything. I even have a post that was inspired by trees. I try to look at everything with a creative eye.

4-How would you describe your personal style?

Sogie: My personal style is a mix of everything. I don't like to keep myself in a box so I'm always trying out new things but comfort is key in everything I wear.

You can follow Sogie's style adventures here:

Website - http://www.itsdivadiaries.com

Instagram - http://instagram.com/sogiesnuggle

Twitter - http://twitter.com/sogiesnuffle

Snapchat - @sogiesnuggle


Next up: Natalia Lilly,

  • a Plus Sized Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger from Florida. Her blog is bursting with helpful Advice, reviews and tips.




1- What City/State are you based out of?

Natalia- Miami, FL

2- How would you describe your blog?

Natalia- Its a plus size Fashion and Life Style Blog.

3-Where did you find your inspiration?

Natalia: I found inspiration on instagram; seeing other women so confident, showcasing their sense of style and creativity. That really drove me to pursue my own blog.

4-How would you describe your personal style?

Natalia: My personal style is vibrant, feminine and trendy. I like to put my own twist on trendy pieces and showcase my personality through the clothes I wear and how I choose to style those garments.

5-Is there anything else you'd like to mention here?

Natalia: Although my blog is focused on fashion and lifestyle, I strive to inspire women through my posts and social media to love their bodies and live confidently in their skin. I started the 'I Am Body Walk Movement' with Clevona of www.curvygirlfever.com to showcase the beauty in body diversity and to encourage all women to find their true beauty withing instead of focusing on what society thinks is beautiful.

Keep up with Natalia here:

Website - http://natalialilly.com

Instagram - http://instagram.com/iamnatalialilly

Twitter - http://twitter.com/iamnatalialilly

Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/iamnatalialilly

Facebook - http://facebook.com/talya.lilly

    Runway Review - Marc Jacobs Resort 17

    The Marc Jacobs Resort collection was everything good abut the 80's! It's decade inspiration was unmistakably vibrant, whimsical and fun without being the least bit tacky. It's rare I see an 80's inspired show that actually looks current but he pulled it off beautifully. The line pairs prints with solids, tulle underskirts with oversized bombers, gold with animal print and everything in between. Each look comes to life with it's own distinct attitude yet manages to remain completely wearable at the same time.

    (I think Jem and Kimber would agree.)

    Sketch: Jem and Kimber in Marc Jacobs - Resort 17

    Sketch: Jem and Kimber in Marc Jacobs - Resort 17

    Blogger Series: Monika

    This past month I've been working on a mini series of blogger sketches. I'm excited to be able to introduce each of these ladies to you through my Illustrations.

    First up:

    Meet Monika of Violetroots.com!

    +VioletRoots is your new go to blog for Creativity prompts, Music recommendations, Style tips and more! ~

    Monika of Violet Roots Blog - Fashion Illustration

    Here’s the low-down from Monika herself!

    1- What City/State are you based out of?

    Monika- I live in a suburb in the NYC area. 

    2- How would you describe your blog?

    Monika- My blog, Violet Roots (violetroots.com), is a lifestyle blog with a focus on music, style and creativity.

    3-Where do you find inspiration?

    Monika: I find inspiration from all over. Sometimes it's in a song, an experience or in a particular color and in other times it's just a feeling. I'm an abstract artist and sometimes the paintings I make also lend themselves to ideas for the blog.

    4-How would you describe your personal style?

    Monika: My personal style is definitely focused on comfort, details, and experimentation. I love wearing vivid colors and interesting pieces like green cowboy boots or blue and green fur vests and jackets. It's fun to try new looks but I usually always try my best to be comfortable too. It's rare that you'll find me in heels. I'm usually wearing combat boots.  


    Make sure you check her out!

    Website - http://violetroots.com

    Instagram - http://instagram.com/violetroots

    Twitter - http://twitter.com/violetrootsblog

    Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/violetrootsblog



    If you know me in person you already know about my obsession with Instagram. As a fashion Illustrator, many of my favorite accounts to follow are Fashion Bloggers. I love having a feed full of inspiration. Naturally, when I see a great outfit or photo I have to sketch it!

    Today I want to introduce you to three awesome fashion accounts!

    [Ordered only by date of sketch and all equally cool!]

    1. @hiliarykennedy - Bright, classy outfits --and she's always got a joke or two in her posts!


    - - -

    2. @Fab_teen_style - Cute and casual East Coast ootd inspiration!

    - - -

    3. @Silberin_manelieht - German lifestyle blogger who's detailed photographs cover fashion, architecture, alternative health, parenting, knitting and everything in between!


    I totally recommend checking them out!!



    I recently had an opportunity to interview a handful new and upcoming fashion bloggers. I'll be sharing their stories in a future post! ~ coming soon!

    NYFW - Norma Kamali Review

    What better time to start this blog than during NYFW?! I can't help but feel excited each time the season comes around. I've been keeping up with the RTW FW16 Shows on Vogue.com and naturally I have a few favorites: So far its Norma Kamali (and I'm not just being partial to her because she gave a rousing speech at my college graduation years ago).

    Her FW16 line is plain fun! She's got that 70's thing going on but with an 80's twist. It's very wearable but not in the least bit mundane. The model's poses are brilliant and each photo is full of explosive energy.

    Anyway, as I'm practically bursting with enthusiasm, I sketched a few looks from the line. :)